Metziko Meaning

“The name of our country, attaches meaning to the history of the people who founded the great city of Metziko- Tenoçtitlan and who were Aztekatl by race and Metzikatl Tultekatl by clan.” The decorative written “x” came because the Spanish conquerors reduced the name of the great city of “Metziko” to “Mexico”

Día de Los Muertos


Alebrijes are whimsical carvings depicting animals, people, objects, and imaginary creatures painted with intense colors and intricate patterns. Although these distinctive cultural artifacts are often assumed to represent a long established, tradition of Mexican folk art, they only began to appear in the 1940s.

The Catrina

The Catrina, The famous figure of the Catrina Calavera is Mexico's most aesthetic satire of death.
The elegant female skeleton was first sketched in 1910 by the  cartoonist José Guadalupe Posadam and was given its name by the world-famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. In the words of The Catrina's creator, "Death is democratic, since, in the end, blond or dark-haired, rich or poor, everyone winds up a skull. "

The Haab Calendar

Also called the Vague, Solar, or Civil Calendar, was used by farmers, it was the civil calendar of the Mayas. It consisted of 18 "months" of 20 days each, followed by 5 extra days, Known as Uayeb.
This gives a year length of 365 days. The Tzolkin Calendar, also called the Tonalamatl or Sacred Calendar, uses 20 names of gods with 13 days attached. The next 3 Cimi will not occur until 260 (or 13 x 20) days have passed; these are symbolized with dots and bars.

I bought a jagüar sculpture made in Huichol art and it is a fantastic figure representative of Mexico

Angel Coria

I have Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera figure made of resin by Mexican artisans

Jose Trevino Ayech

I have 6 Acapulco model chairs of different colors and they make a great harmony with my garden

Pamela Solorzano
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