Acapulco Style Circular Table

Acapulco Style Circular Table

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Acapulco chairs: friendly tradition of contemporary interiors

They are considered an icon of traditional Mexican design. And although in the past they were associated with a beach environment, today they can be found anywhere, in various materials and shapes.

In the past, the famous Acapulco chairs were associated with beach environments, but little by little they have taken over all kinds of places. We start by seeing them on lounge bar terraces and then on residential balconies.

Today they are present in all kinds of interiors, coexisting with different styles of decoration. Originally, Acapulco chairs were oval and consisted of a wrought iron frame with a 'plastic fabric'. However, currently several models can be found on the market: square, hexagonal, circular, and so on.

You can even find furniture such as racks, armchairs, lounge chairs, rocking chairs and tables. The fabrics may well be with the classic material, PVC sleeve, liana, leather and cotton textiles, among other options. There are also proposals for structures in wood and copper, for example. The design variants are many, so they fit in almost any interior space, not without giving a touch of eclecticism. And if that wasn't enough, they are very comfortable!

Berrocali Álvarez (2012) points out that the Acapulco Chair has several meanings that give it value:

- Represents a classic and contemporary design object

- It is considered an icon of traditional Mexican design

- It constitutes an object of artisan quality

- Figure as a representative object of Mexican popular culture

- It alludes to a chic or fashionable object

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